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Choosing a driving tuition in Peckham Rye can be hard, especially if you don’t know what to look for in one. If you want to pass your driving test 1st time, then consider employing the services of 123 Drive. We have approved driving instructor by the DVSA. The instructor has been trained to teach you how to drive, and pass your exam.

male or female instructor

The driving lessons in Peckham Rye will ensure that you have a high chance of passing. You have the option to choose between a male or female instructor. But no matter what your choice might be, the instructor will ensure that you are at ease behind the wheel. One will boost your confidence, and make you feel relaxed while learning driving skills. Being one of the trusted and reputable driving schools in Peckham Rye, 123 Drive offers affordable driving tuition. And that’s why they are the go-to driving school in the area.

Variety of Classes

Good driving schools offer a wide range of classes to their students. This gives them the ability to make a choice in the areas that they would most likely like to learn and to be able to do so in the best way possible. It is important to ensure that all of these classes are registered, and the school is licensed to be giving them MSPSL mirror signal position speed look so that you are always on the right-hand side of the law.

easy technique

It is important for the driving instructor to be passionate about teaching. One knows easy teaching technique that will allow you to pick up all the important lessons right away. Patience instruction is also one of the characteristics of instructors from 123 Drive. You will learn the fundamentals of MSPSL mirror signal position speed look after several sessions with the instructor.


Any good driving school should put safety of both their instructors and students first. This means that they should employ easy teaching technique and not to simply get them to the road immediately they enrol. They should also have the correct labels to show that there in a learner in the vehicle so that they may ensure the safety of the other road users.


Driving provides individuals a sense of freedom while they are on the road. Driving for the first time is something that you will remember for the rest of your lifetime. Instructors from 123 Drive will not only give you the knowledge to pass driving test fast; they will also provide you with tips to ensure that you and your passengers are safe on the road. The instructor will be there to guide you throughout the process until you are ready to take the driving test.

Affordable Driving Tuition

The goal of 123 Drive is to provide competitively priced driving tuition. The instructors have been trained to teach easy manoeuvres to follow. Learning driving skills doesn’t need to be expensive. The instructors will guarantee that you will be learning roundabouts easy way. And at the end of each session, you will feel that the money you have spent on the tuition is worth it. You will gain the knowledge and skills that will allow you to confidently pass driving test fast.

When you need earlier test, then make sure to contact 123 Drive. They will provide you with an approved driving instructor in Peckham Rye who can guarantee that you pass your exam. Not only that, they will make sure that you are comfortable with the instructor. That’s why they allow you to choose from a male or female instructor.


Driving courses and services in Peckham Rye SE15 and surrounding areas

  • Manual Driving Lesson Peckham Rye SE15, Those lessons are perfect for people that want the freedom to drive manual or automatic vehicles.
  • SE15 Automatic Driving lesson Peckham Rye , for those drivers wanting to use a vehicle without the need of changing gears.
  • Pass Plus Course in Peckham Rye want to get insurance discounts, ideally to get more knowledge on motorway, country roads.
  • SE15 Intensive Driving Courses, Ideally if you want to pass your driving test rapidly.
  • Advanced Driving Lessons around Peckham Rye, for those motorists wanting to take their driving ability to the next level.
  • Refresher Driving Lessons in SE15, ideally for people with driving experience that need to get back on the road.
  • Female Driving Instructors at Peckham Rye, you can choose a lady as you teacher, our female instructor have a easy-going approach to teaching.
  • Block booking Discount Available, Advanced Driving Instruction, Driving Lesson in Congestion charge area, pick up & drop off from home, work or college, Evening and Weekend at NOT extra cost.

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