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Knowing the Route Will Boost Your Confidence, It is easy to see why so many people feel nervous about sitting their driving test. Even if a person has developed their skills and confidence in driving during lessons, there is a lot of added pressure involved when undertaking the lesson that will determine if you pass or your fail your test. Quite often people who have shown credible driving skills will find that they will wilt under pressure. This is where a good driving instructor or school will do what they can to help put the driving student at ease.  

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Planning and preparation is crucial when it comes to feeling at your best during a test and knowing the route of your test is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. If a student gets the chance to drive the knowing driving routes preferred by test centres, there is less chance of them suffering any nasty shocks or surprises when undertaking a test. There are different driving conditions every time you drive on a road, even if you drive on the same road 100 times, but knowing the road layout and the flow of the traffic will mean that there is one less thing to worry about when sitting a driving test.

Get to know the route that can make or break your driving lesson

Undertaking a driving lesson on the route that you will take in your test is an excellent way to ensure that you are prepared as you possibly can. There are a number of different driving centres around London but we are able to provide lessons on the routes for many of these centres. If you are going to take your test at the Morden Test Centre, the Sutton Test Centre, the Mitcham Test Centre, the Croydon Test Centre or the Hither Green Test Centre, we can help you to develop your confidence in driving the route of your lesson.

We can help lots of learner drivers in London

We are able to help a considerable number of people in London drive the route of their test. We are able to provide this service for many postcodes in London including SE1, SE5, SE11, SE15, SE16, SE17, SE22, SE24, SW2, SW4, SW8 and SW9. This means that residents in the London borough of Southwark and the London borough of Lambeth can properly prepare themselves for their driving lesson.

It is important to remember that while knowing the driving route is of benefit, it is not going to be enough to ensure that you pass your driving test. There is still a big need to learn the theory for driving and to develop the skills and techniques required to drive with confidence. However, having confidence in what the driving route for your test will be is going to be something that can only help in the overall process for learning how to drive.

Given the importance of learning how to drive and passing your test, it makes sense to be as fully prepared as possible. The fact that a standard driving lesson can be combined with developing an understanding of the route gives learner drivers a double benefit from their lesson. This means that even drivers who feel as though they are short on time before their driving lesson can benefit in a number of different ways

Different driving test routes will present different challenges when taking your driving lesson. Being as fully prepared and focused for your test is important and it makes sense that you should be as properly equipped for the test as possible.

Given that you are likely to develop confidence in working with your chosen driving instructor, it makes sense that you should go over the route of your practical driving test with them. This should help to give you the best chance of passing your practical driving test when the big day comes.


To prepare yourself for the practical test we recommend to read the following books known as the ‘source material’. They are:

You can buy all the publications from most high street book shops and download the ‘Know your traffic signs’ booklet.


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