Provisional Licence

Starting off


Before you begin your driving lessons, you must first have obtained your UK Provisional driving license. Without it, you will not be allowed to have any lessons, nor can you sit your Theory or Practical exams.

The provisional driving license takes approximately 2-3 weeks to deliver from the date of application and will cost you the sum of £50.

In order to apply for a UK provisional licence you must;

  • Be a resident of Great Britain
  • Meet the minimum age requirement (17 years old*, unless disabled**)
  • Be a resident of Great Britain

*You can apply for your licence 3 months before your 17th birthday or if **you are getting the higher rate of mobility (DLA) you can learn to drive at 16.

You can apply for your licence online or the traditional method using the postal service (post office near you). To apply using the postal service you will need to complete the form D1 available from your local post office or you can order the form from the DVLA ordering Service


If you require further advice please call us on 020 8123 8123 and we will be pleased to help.