The Beginning

Getting Started

Turning 17?

Three months before you turn 17, you can apply for a provisional driver’s license. If you have disabilities or receiving mobility allowance, you can apply for the provisional at the age of 16. Once you’re 17, you are then able to drive a car,legally,on public roads in the UK. You can practise on private land as long as the site is enclosed and away from public highways. Bear in mind that supermarket car parks are classified as public roads, so don’t use them.


Check your eyesight!

You must be aware that before you start to learn how to drive, you must make sure you can read a number plate in good daylight from 20.5 metres away (around five car lengths). For the new number plates which were introduced in 2001, the distance is 20 metres. If you wear contact lenses or glasses, please remember to always wear them when driving. More Info 


Get your ‘L’ plates! 

When you start to learn how to drive, you have to place ‘L’ plates (or ‘D’ plates if you’re in Wales) somewhere where they’re easily visible – like on the front and back of the car. You can only drive with someone who is over 21, has been driving for more than three years, and has passed their test. 

The ‘L’ plates have to meet a legal specification, so it is recommended that you buy them rather than creating one yourself. When the car is driven by someone who has passed their test, they would have to be removed or be completely covered. 


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